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Our success at TMS is driven by the success of our clients. Therefore, we are firmly committed to providing exceptional quality consulting services for each and every one of our clients. We strive to pull together the best minds in Sri Lanka to help your organization achieve its full potential. 

At TMS, we believe the most innovative solutions to complex problems are developed through an interdisciplinary approach. Therefore, we examine all our assignments holistically; engaging diverse perspectives to find "total" solutions that are innovative yet practical and grounded in reality. 

TMS represents a pool of exceptionally qualified experts across a wide array of specializations.  Many are industry-leading professionals or academics in Sri Lanka. Our team’s decades of combined cross-sectoral experience, geographic exposure covering over 15 countries, combined with our firm commitment to interdisciplinary problem solving will ensure that you are getting the best possible consulting input, no matter what type of assignment we undertake.

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