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TMS offers a wide range of GIS solutions for business, researchers and development organizations. The core areas of GIS services offered by TMS are outlined below.

 GPS, satellite imagery, and topography mapping

•  Site selection and feasible area assessment

•  Competitor/customer mapping & analysis  

 Vulnerable/ sensitive area identification

 Impact analysis  

 Fully customized GIS/mapping solution


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•  GPS, satellite imagery, and topography mapping

TMS has a comprehensive in house GIS data collection including socioeconomic, infrastructure, elevation data, etc.  In addition, TMS can undertake data collection necessary for the assignment undertaken. The company has the capacity to perform GPS, satellite imagery and/or topography mapping to suit the requirements of the client.

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•  Site selection and feasible area assessment

TMS GIS technology can facilitate site selection and feasible area assessment by modeling scenarios taking into account all contributing factors (e.g. topography, water availability, population densities, infrastructure, etc.) and potential impacts of projects. This kind of analysis can support accurate decision making when carrying out site selection.  This technology strengthens decision making capacity especially in areas such as new infrastructure development, setting up of industries, locating dumping sites, etc.  

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•  Competitor/customer mapping & analysis  

Competitor/customer mapping and analysis is particularly useful to the corporate sector. Ability to comprehensively accurately map and analyze customer competitor data can be a powerful tool for business strategy development. 

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•  Vulnerable/ sensitive area identification 

Vulnerable/ sensitive area identification is a useful GIS tool that can be used in a range of disciplines including environment, health and water among others.  This efficient and accurate tool has commonly been used in Disaster Risk Reduction/Management. It is also a very powerful tool in areas such as disease control (with vector mapping), biodiversity conservation (mapping of sensitive areas and hotspots), and water quality mapping.

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•  Impact Analysis

Impact analysis is a useful and accurate tool in assessing current impacts and potential future impacts due development activities, disaster events or any physical intervention.

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Fully customized GIS/mapping solutions 

In addition to services explained above, TMS is geared to provide fully customized GIS/mapping solutions to meet your needs. We undertake work in any of the following areas:  

  • Health
  • Agriculture
  • Transport
  • Catering services
  • Property management (Land and housing sale)
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Facility and infrastructure management
  • Education
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TMS undertakes socioeconomic surveys and offers:

  • Survey design
  • Field surveying
  • Database development and data entry
  • Data analysis and mapping
  • Report writing
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