About us Some of the major international initiatives led or supported by our management team are outlined below. 
(Note: The projects outlined below include those executed by our core team as part of their previous experience).

Support to the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM), India
Led the ADB team developing loan and technical assistance initiatives in support of the most ambitious urban-sector investment program in India’s modern history. JNNURM expects to invest more than $25 billion in urban infrastructure in 63 key cities over the next 7 years.

Second Tourism Infrastructure Development Project, Nepal
Managed implementation of $30million worth of infrastructure improvements aimed at tourism development in select towns.

 Regional Development Project (Phase I & II), Maldives
Advised government and managed project which included integrated land use and regional planning, environmental management, infrastructure development, and livelihood improvement components.                      

Housing Sector Finance Project, Bhutan
Developed project aimed at addressing the chronic housing shortage and urban land management problems in Bhutan.

Chungju Region Strategic Tourism Plan, Chungju, Korea
Managed the formulation and implementation of a regional tourism plan for the City of Chungju, Korea. The study area was approximately 100 square kilometers.   

 Oriental Sun City, Beijing, China
Led team to formulate a master plan for a retirement community (the first in China) of 20,000 senior citizens.  The total study area was approximately five square kilometers. 

Pearl Riverfront Urban Development Plan, Guangzhou, China
Led an interdisciplinary team to develop a regional planning concept for around 100km of riverfront that would help to guide the expansion of Guangzhou while positioning the area as a regional tourism destination.

Favorview Palace, Guangzhou, China
Participated in the development of a master plan for a high-density development of 20,000 housing units.  The development area was approximately 70 hectares.

Narragansett Landing Redevelopment, Providence, Rhode Island
Participated in the development of the master plan and managed the production of a promotional video for the public unveiling of the project, which aimed to revitalize the waterfront of Providence, a heavily polluted industrial zone.

Pusan Harbor Urban Design Plan, Pusan, Korea
Participated in the development of a master plan for an expansion of the Pusan central business district.  The study area was approximately 50 hectares of reclamation.

 Kyungsan Master Plan, Kyungsan, Korea
Participated in the formulation of a master plan to redevelop a 2.7 square kilometer industrial zone into a new residential district.

 Americas World Trade District Master Plan, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Participated in the development and marketing of a master plan, including an international convention center, world trade center, and numerous commercial and residential developments, aimed at revitalizing the economy of Puerto Rico. 

 Puerto Rico Canal District Master Plan, San Juan, Puerto Rico
A continuation of the world trade district, the canal district master plan involved the redevelopment of 2 kilometers of waterfront adjacent to historic San Juan. 

Dhaka Water Supply Project, Bangladesh
Led the development of an $800 million investment program and sector roadmap, to be funded jointly by ADB, the private sector and government that will completely transform Dhaka—a city of over 11 million people.

 Other projects include:

  • Lakeside Retail and Entertainment Complex Master Plan, Kyungsan, Korea
  • PanAmerica Industrial Park Master Plan, Campinas, Brazil
  • Cheju Woobang Golf Resort Master Plan, Cheju-do Korea
  • Doosan Marina Resort, Chun-chon Korea
  • Phoenix Park Ski Resort Master Plan, Kangwon-do, Korea
  • Promoting Best Practices in Private Sector Participation in Urban Infrastructure, South Asia
  • Ecotourism Project, Nepal
  • Southern Punjab Basic Urban Services Improvement Project, Pakistan
  • City Development Strategy Project, Philippines
  • Secondary Towns Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Project, Bangladesh
  • Cross Border Trade Promotion and Industrial Development Project, Bhutan

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